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Our Process


Competition Advantage and Better Outcomes for You

Downing Street Capital, LLC (DSC) offers a distinct advantage over our competition.

Our knowledge of capital markets and our exclusive relationships with high-end funding and off-market resources give us access to opportunities not available to the general market. This network of capital sources is perhaps our most valuable resource.

Our process emphasizes client satisfaction through a comprehensive, well-designed approach streamlined to serve you quickly.

From due diligence to closing, we work closely with both clients and lenders. We tightly control information throughout the process, which is critical to protect you and to ensure transactions close smoothly.

Due Diligence and Vetting Potential Clients

Every potential project is thoroughly analyzed and vetted. Our experienced team is able to analyze even the most complicated financial statements and present them clearly and concisely for your decision. Therefore, once we agree to work on a transaction, we are confident in our ability to find the best possible solutions matching you with the most appropriate resources.

Financing Memorandum

Once a financing opportunity is thoroughly vetted, we prepare and complete the appropriate documents to share with our sources. But first, we always require a signed non-disclosure agreement from all of our lenders.

Through our extensive industry experience, we know exactly what information lenders need. Therefore, we design our memorandums to quickly and efficiently get to the heart of transactions. Because of the integrity of our work, our sources are confident that the opportunities we bring them are highly credible and well thought out.

Flow of Information

Our experience has taught us that the most critical part of all on-going deals is controlling the flow of information. Lenders’ due diligence requests are often overbearing, untailored, and intrusive. At DSC  we negotiate the size and detail of due diligence requests before they reach you. Not only does this keep your personal financial information private unless absolutely necessary, it also shortens the due diligence period, allowing a faster, more efficient closing.


For investors, the aid of a competent intermediary is essential. Because we have a thorough understanding of current requirements and we often anticipate issues ahead of time, our team goes to closings frequently and repeatedly.

Negotiating last minute, end-of-deal changes and details for you is as important and as valuable as all of our other services.  

We fight for you from inception through closing; we are not satisfied unless you are satisfied, and so we do everything under our power to ensure you are happy with every outcome and every transaction.