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De-risked ideas

We spend 3-4 months vetting each business idea upfront to vastly increase the likelihood of success.

Operational Backbone

We streamline the back-end operational processes so our startup leaders can focus on building team, product, and a customer base. This enables our companies to have a best-in-class operations stack with vetted vendors and built for scale.


The first fundraising round is often the hardest. We provide a multi-year funding runway without the need for outside capital.


We are with our executive teams at every step of the journey. Along with our experienced internal teams, we maintain relationships with contractors and consultants to support our leaders where they need it the most.


A company is only as strong as its people. Our in-house talent acquisition function supports leaders in building out their teams as they grow.


Even the most accomplished leaders are on constant journeys of betterment and recognize weaknesses can become strengths with practice and attention. We work to further cultivate great leadership talent in our CEO ranks.


Our CEOs and portfolio company executives are in frequent contact with one another, serving as sounding boards and thought partners when they have confronted similar challenges.

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We ideate, validate,
create & scale


We study industries and niches to discern where they are going next and what white space that creates. We then sketch out the business models, innovations, and technologies that are poised for success.


We only launch businesses in our highest conviction ideas, developed through extensive discussions with potential customers and intensive study of competitors and incumbents to affirm the business idea.


Misguided early product decisions can prove disastrous even with a great idea and experienced management team. We work closely with management teams to leverage our industry research and startup experience in MVP and strategy development.


Sifting through stacks of vendor proposals and implementing back-end processes is not the best use of a founding management team’s limited time. We streamline these processes so that the founding team can focus on growing its business.

Dustin Abney

CEO of Portoro

Kyle Klopcic

CEO of Ownershift

Warwick Blunt

CEO of Cedar Brands

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